Health benefits

Rebounding is a full-body workout, dubbed by NASA as “the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man”. It brings numerous fitness and health benefits


Each bounce on a trampoline takes you from up to 4g-forces to zero gravity, creating a cycle of flexing and relaxing that strengthens and tones body muscles in a natural and efficient way.


Jumping is a great cardio exercise that strengthens your heart muscles and energizes the circulatory system. Its the perfect fat-blasting workout, with 33% more calories burned than on a treadmill.
Because rebounding is a ‘low-impact’ activity, it is very gentle to your joints, unlike running for example.


Flexibility is an often ignored aspect, that greatly impacts the quality of our daily life. Rebounding looses muscles, joints, and cartilage, and improves your overall range of motion.


Balance is critical to any physical activity, and similar to flexibility, affects normal people in their daily routine. Rebounding improves your balance and coordination which helps prevent injuries associated with falls and other poor physical alignment

Stress Relief

Spending some time on the trampoline at the end of a hard day can make a big difference to your health and happiness:
increasing blood flow to underused muscles, loosening overused ones, and releasing endorphins, our brain’s natural calming aid.
By focusing on a physical task like rebounding clears your head and removes tension.

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